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in order to make your business a success, you need to understand your markets. the focus of your business strategy aims to ensure that your products and services meet the customer-needs by developing long and profitable relationships. to achieve this, you will need to create a flexible strategy that can respond to changes in customer perception and demand. it may also help you identify entirely new markets or revenue streams that you can successfully target.
This is where re:data can help you.
We support you with your business and customer related challenges. We smartly help you to use your data which is in need of analysis and combine it with your desire to make an impact with your business. by combining your data with other in-house or external datasources and applying the latest technologies we help you to understand trends or ideas that can be found in this data.
This enables you to find the added value needed.

Management Consulting

our specialized consulting services help you to identify opportunities, develop strategies, and formulate plans and programs related to analytics. in other words, we can help you to develop, refine, and execute your data strategy; and if you already have an data strategy, we help to optimise and execute it.

our areas of expertise include:
- (big) data strategy and vision
- management consulting
- (interim) chief data officer
- use case identification
- product design
- architecture & governance review
- roadmap development
- monetization strategy definition


our services span the entire spectrum of analytics, including: identifying the need, developing an analytic architecture, integrating your data in innovative infrastructures like data lakes, setting up an analytic environment, preparing the data, building analytic models and deploying models in operational systems.

offered services and concepts:
- business analytics
- data science
- proof of concept definition
- internet of things (iot)
- product development & deployment
- business intelligence optimization
- advanced and predictive analytics
- data integration & data lakes

Reporting and Design

many organizations do a great job of collecting information about their users and business processes, but do not always shape that data into something helpful. our team knows how to fashion your data in a way that allows you to detect the patterns, helping you to improve business functions.

what we offer
- definition of your core kpi's
- create a better understanding of your data
- data visualization & dashboard development
- report design and development
- complex stored procedure development
- adhoc reporting tools

Linked or Open Data

linked or open data is publicly accessible data that can be combined with in-house data sources and used in order to launch new ventures, analyze trends, make data-driven decisions and solve complex problems.

what we offer
- data source definition
- open data training
- technical due diligence
- definition of reliability of data source
- data privacy reviews

we are data

from Data - to Information -
to Added Value

3 steps to Unlock value from complex data.


we work with our clients every step of the way to identify the individual goals and deliver the most creative and exciting big data solutions.


experimenting and exploring new technologies is one of the joys of working in our industry. we aim to constantly push the boundaries of new data science techniques and modern big data technology


it’s all about the detail. whether it’s providing best practice or developing complex machine learning algorithms, it’s the little details that make something truly successful.


Is nothing without execution

we use up to date thought management and the latest technology to generate the most accurate, effective results possible. we make use of techniques such as cloud computing, data science, ai (artificial intelligence), machine learning and web analytics to produce top-quality results. this all comes together to achieve a simple aim: to allow us to analyze data from a range of perspectives so that we can condense it down into useful information with added value that can be used to generate more revenue, cut costs and generally learn more about a market.